With certain email programs you may experience problems receiving messages (e.g. if receiving messages with a slow Internet connection, timeouts may occur due to checking). If this is the case, try modifying the way control is performed. Decreasing the control level may influence the cleaning process.

If maximum efficiency is enabled, infiltrations are removed from infected messages (if the options Delete or Clean are activated, or if maximum or medium cleaning level is enabled) and information about the infiltration is inserted before the original email subject.

Medium compatibility modifies the way messages are received. Messages are gradually sent to the email client — after the last part of the message is transferred, it will be scanned for infiltrations. However, the risk of infection increases with this level of control. The level of cleaning and the handling of tag messages (notification alerts which are appended to the subject line and body of emails) is identical to the maxium efficiency setting.

With the maximum compatibility level, the user is warned by an alert window which reports the receipt of an infected message. No information about infected files is added to the subject line or to the email body of delivered messages and infiltrations are not automatically removed. Deleting infiltrations must be performed by the user from the email client.

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