Protocol filtering

Antivirus protection for the application protocols POP3 and HTTP is provided by the ThreatSense scanning engine, which seamlessly integrates all advanced malware scanning techniques. The control works automatically regardless of the Internet browser or email client used. The following options are available for protocol filtering (if the Enable application protocol content filtering option is selected):

HTTP and POP3 ports – Limits scanning of communication to known HTTP and POP3 ports.

Applications marked as Internet browsers and email clients – Enable this option to only filter communication of applications marked as browsers (Web access protection > HTTP, HTTPS > Web browsers) and email clients (Email client protection > POP3, POP3s > Email clients)

Ports and applications marked as Internet browsers or email clients – Both ports and browsers are checked for malware

NOTE: Starting with Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and Windows Server 2008, a new communication filtering is used. As a result, the Protocol filtering section is not available.


Protocol filtering