The cleaning settings determine the behavior of the scanner during the cleaning of infected files. There are 3 levels of cleaning:


In the Default mode, the whole archive file is only deleted if it only contains infected files. If there are also legitimate files, it will not be deleted. If an infected archive file is detected in the strict cleaning mode, the whole file will be deleted, even if clean files are present.

Do not clean
Infected files are not cleaned automatically. The program will display a warning window and allow the user to choose an action.

Default level
The program will attempt to automatically clean or delete an infected file. If it is not possible to select the correct action automatically, the program will offer a choice of follow-up actions. The choice of follow-up actions will also be displayed if a predefined action could not be completed.

Strict cleaning
The program will clean or delete all infected files (including archives). The only exceptions are system files. If it is not possible to clean them, the user is offered an action to take in a warning window.