Computer scan – window

Nod32 ea scan window Computer scan   window

This is the scanning progress window. It shows the current scanning status, files containing malicious code, or files not scanned.


It is not possible to scan certain files – e.g. those which are password protected, or which are being used by Windows at the moment.

Scan progress:
The progress bar shows the percentage of already-scanned objects compared to objects still to be scanned.  The value is derived from the whole number of objects included in scanning.

Name of the currently scanned object, or group of objects.

Number of threats:
Total number of infected files in a current scan.

Scroll scan log
Place a check here to scroll scan logs – i.e. to display the last infected item or log entry in the last line of the log. If the window has run out of space, the list shifts down and older entries disappear in the upper section.   

Pause discontinues scanning; to launch scanning again, click on the Resumebutton
Stop terminates scanning
To background moves scanning to the background. All information about scans currently in the background can be found in the Computer scan section in ESET NOD32 Antivirus


Computer scan – window