Scan setup

Nod32 ea config scanner scan Scan setup

Scan alternate data streams (ADS)

Alternate data streams (ADS) used by the NTFS file system are file and folder associations which are invisible from ordinary scanning techniques. Many infiltrations try to avoid detection by disguising themsleves as alternative data streams.

Run background scans with low priority

Each scanning sequence consumes a certain amount of system resources. If you work with programs that place a high load on system resources, you can activate low priority background scanning and save resources for your applications.

Log all objects

If this option is selected, the log file will show all the scanned files, even those not infected.

Enable Smart optimization

With Smart Optimization enabled the most optimal settings are used to ensure the most efficient scanning level, while simultanneously maintaining the highest scanning speeds. The various protection modules scan intelligently, making use of different scanning methods each, applying them to specific file types. The Smart Optimization is not rigidly defined within the product. Quite on the contrary, the ESET Development Team keeps it flexible implementing new changes continuosly which get then integrated into the ESET security solution via the regular updates. Is the Smart Optimization disabled, only the user-defined settings in the ThreatSense core of the particular modules are applied when performing a scan.


Preserve last access timestamp
Check this option to keep the original access time of scanned files instead of updating it (e.g. for use with data backup systems).

Scroll log

This option allows you to enable/disable log scrolling. If selected, information scrolls upwards within the display window.

Display notification about scan completion in a separate window

Opens a standalone window containing information about scan results. For more information, see the section describing finished scans.


Scan setup