Scan targets

Nod32 ea scan target Scan targets

This section enables you to define objects (memory, drives, sectors, files and folders) to control for infiltrations.

Scan profile - choose a profile to be used for scanning chosen targets
Scan targets - select from the following options:

By profile settings – uses targets specified in the selected profile
Removable media – selects all removable media
Local drives – selects all local drives
Network drives – selects all mapped network drives
No selection – cancels selection of targets

Mark check boxes in the tree structure corresponding to the objects you wish to scan.

The editable line under the folder tree structure serves to quicky move to the selected target within the folder tree structure, or to directly add the desired target. Direct adding is possible only if there is no selection performed in the folder tree structure (by default there is no selection).

Scan without cleaning - Infected items are not cleaned automatically. Scanning without cleaning serves to obtain an overview of the current protection status. Information about scanning is saved to a scan log.
Setup… - click this button to set up the scanner in detail. The available options are described in Scanner setup.
Save - saves changes made in selection of targets, including selections made within the folder tree structure.

Scan targets