Email client protection

Nod32 ea config emon scan Email client protection

The Email protection module supports the following email clients: Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird. Email protection works as a plug-in for these programs. The main advantage of the plug-in control is that it is independent of the protocol used. When the email client receives an encrypted message, it is decrypted and sent to the virus scanner.

Email to scan

Received messages

Toggles checking of received messages

Sent email

Toggles checking of sent messages

Read messages

Toggles checking of read messages

Action to take on a specific email type

Scan plain text email body

Toggles scanning of plain text messages

Scan .rtf text email body

Toggles scanning of Rich Text Format email body

Convert email body to plain text

Toggles converting email bodies to text format

Repeat scan after update

Toggles rescanning after a virus signature database update

Accept scan results from other modules

If this option is selected, the email protection module accepts scan results of other protection modules

Email client protection