Nod32 ea config epfw ssl SSL



Configuration of protocols encapsulated in SSL protocol

Always scan SSL protocol
Select this option to scan all communications that use a certificate specified in the list of trusted certificates. Communications which utilize certificates specified in the list of excluded certificates will not be checked.

Ask about non-visited sites (exclusions can be set)
If you enter a new SSL protected site (with an unknown certificate), you will be prompted before being allowed to visit the site

Do not scan SSL protocol
If this option is selected, ESET NOD32 Antivirus will not scan communications over SSL


Apply created exceptions based on certificates
activates using of exclusions specified in excluded and trusted certificates for scanning SSL communication. This option is available if you select Protocol filtering > SSL > Always scan SSL protocol.

Block encrypted communication utilizing the obsolete protocol SSL v2
Communication using the earlier version of the SSL protocol will be automatically blocked