Real-time file system protection

Nod32 ea config amon Real time file system protection

Enable real-time file system protection

enables/disables the real-time file system protection

ThreatSense engine parameter setup

Advanced setup options, e.g., file extensions you wish to control, detection methods used, etc. Click Setup… to open a window with the advanced scanner options.

Media to scan

This section allows you to specify the media that you want to be scanned:

Local drives

Enables control of all local hard drives

Removable media

Select the check box to enable checking of removable media

Network drives

Scans all mapped drives

Scan on

This section allows you to define actions which will trigger scanning:

File open

Enables / disables scanning of opened files.

File creation

Enables / disables scanning of newly created or modified files.

File execution

Enables / disables scanning of executed files.

Diskette access

Enables / disables scanning triggered by accessing the floppy drive.

Computer shutdown

Enables / disables checking during the computer shutdown.


Start Real-Time file system protection automatically

We recommend leaving this option selected so that real-time protection is initiated on system startup.

Real-time file system protection