Advanced settings

Nod32 ea config advanced amon Advanced settings

Additional ThreatSense parameters for newly created and modified files

The following settings are only used upon creation and modification of files in order to save system resources:

Runtime packers

Toggles scanning of runtime packers.

Self-extracting archives

Toggles scanning of self-extracting archives (SFX).

Advanced heuristics

Turns advanced heuristics on/off. Advanced heuristics detects newly created threats before the virus signature database update is released.

Default archive scan settings

If selected, the default archive scan parameters are used.

Archive nesting level

Deselect default archive scan settings and specify the maximum level of scanning for archives.

Maximum files size

Allows you to set the maximum file size for archives to be scanned.

Additional ThreatSense parameters for executed files

Advanced heuristics on file execution

By default advanced heuristics is not used when files are executed. However, in some cases you may want to enable this option. Note that advanced heuristics may slow the execution of some programs due to increased system requirements.


Advanced heuristics on executing files from removable media

If enabled, a scan with advanced heuristics is used when running an executable from removable media. Click on the Exceptions button to define removable media for which ThreatSense engine parameters are used (advanced heuristics is disabled here by default).


Removable media

Block removable media
Select this option to block removable media connected to the computer. If you wish some media to be available, then exlude it from blocking (click on the Exclusions… button).

Advanced settings