Nod32 ea config exclude Exclude

This section enables you to exclude files and folders from scanning. We do not recommend that you alter these options, to ensure that all objects are scanned for threats.

Path path to excluded files and folders

Threat -if there is a name of a threat next to an excluded file, it means that the file is only excluded for the given threat, not completely. Therefore if that file becomes infected later with other malware, it will be detected by the antivirus module. This type of exlusion can be used only for certain types of infiltrations and it can be created either in the threat alert window reporting the infiltration (click Show advanced options and then select Exclude from detection), or in Setup > Quarantine using the context menu option Restore and exclude from detection on the quarantined file.

Add… - excludes objects from detection

Edit … enables you to edit selected entries
Remove removes selected entries
Default – cancels all exclusions.

To exclude an object from scanning:

  • Select Add…
  • Enter the path to an object or select it in the tree structure below.