Automatic startup file check

Nod32 ea startup app Automatic startup file check

Scan level specifies file scan depth for files run at system startup. They are ordered ascending by the number of files to scan.

  • Only the most frequently used files

  • Frequently used files

  • Commonly used files

  • Rarely used files

  • All registered files

Two specific groups are also included:

  • Files run before user logon – contains files from locations that allow running these files without the user being logged in.

  • Files run after user logon – contains files from locations, that allow running them only after a user has logged in.

Lists of files to be scanned are fixed for each group.


Scan priority a level of priority to use for the scan start.

  • Normal – at an average system load

  • Lower – at a low system load

  • Lowest – when the system load is the lowest possible

  • When idle – the task will be performed only when the system is idle

Automatic startup file check