User interface

This environment section offers the following options to adjust the display features of the program to fit your needs.

Nod32 ea config environment User interface

User interface elements

Advanced mode – This option turns the advanced mode on/off. The advanced mode is suitable for advanced users. It unlocks more options and tools, but requires more interaction time.
Graphical user interface – Use this checkbox to toggle between ESET graphics and a standard windows layout. This field will be in the indeterminate stage (little square inside the checkbox) after the program installation. This means, that this setting depends on the current configuration of the Windows High Contrast function. Is High Contrast turned on, the graphical interface of ESET Smart Security will switch over to the non-graphical mode automatically. The non-graphical mode in ESET products, as well as the High Contrast – Windows function are accessibility features designed for people who have vision impairment to enable them to work with a computer more easily.
Display menu in Standard mode - Turns the menu display on or off in the upper panel of the program in the standard mode.
Display menu in Advanced mode - Turns displaying the menu on or off in the upper panel of the program in the advanced mode.
Show splash-screen at startup – Uncheck this option to disable the splash screen display at startup.
Use standard menu - If checked, the standard program display mode is used.
Show button names – Allows you to view the icons simply as icons or as icons and text describing a function.
Select active control element – If enabled, active program features are highlighted (in a frame).


Use animated controls – This setting allows you to turn the animated interface on/off and set the animation speed.
Use animated icons for progress indication – If there is any operation in progress, animated icons will be displayed in the window.
Use sound signal – If a virus is found, the program will sound a warning

User interface