Alerts and notifications

The Notification section serves to configure behavior of virus alert messages and other system notifications (e.g. successful update messages) to fit your needs. You can also set display time and the level of transparency of system tray notifications (it applies only to the systems supporting system tray notifications).

Nod32 ea config alert Alerts and notifications

Display alerts

This option allows you to turn on/off displaying of virus alert messages.

Close messageboxes automatically

To close pop-up windows automatically after a certain period of time, select this check-box and specify the time interval.

Display notifications on desktop

This option enables you to set the display mode of desktop notifications. Click Configure notifications… to open a dialog window allowing you to set display time for desktop notifications and window transparency.

Display balloon tips in taskbar (for sec.)

Check this option to display system tray notifications in system tray area at the bottom right corner of the screen and specify the display time in seconds. This applies for example to virus signature update messages.

Advanced setup

In the Advanced setup you can find more detailed settings for Alerts and notifications.

Alerts and notifications