Profile manager

Nod32 ea profile manager Profile manager

The profile editor in the Update setup section allows users to create new update profiles. Create and use your own custom profiles (i.e. other than the default “My profile”) only if your computer uses multiple ways of connecting to update servers.

An example is a laptop which normally connects to a local server – Mirror – in the local network, but downloads updates directly from ESET’s update servers when disconnected from the local network (business trip). In this scenario, it is suitable to create two profiles: the first one connecting to the local server, the other one to ESET’s servers. Then, navigate to Tools > Scheduler and edit the update task parameters. Designate one profile as primary and the other as secondary.

Selected profile

The currently used update profile. To change it, choose a profile from the drop-down menu.


Create new update profiles.

The bottom part of the window lists existing profiles.

Profile manager