Protection status

Nod32 ea page status Protection status

Protection status informs you about the security and current protection level of your computer.

The status window also shows the total number of blocked attacks, as well as information about the installed version of the virus signature database.

The information about the program’s expiry date can also be found here.


Protection status:

The green protection status icon indicates that maximum protection is ensured.

Red screen signals critical problems – maximum protection of your computer is not ensured. This can be caused by the deactivation of the antivirus protection.

1. Antivirus and Antispyware protection is disabled

This problem is signaled by a red display and a red exclamation mark next to the Antivirus and Antispyware protection items. You can re-enable antivirus protection by clicking on “Enable real-time file system protection”.

Nod32 ea page status 02 Protection status

2. License is almost expired

This is indicated by the protection status icon turning yellow. After the license expires, the program will not be able to update and the protection status icon will turn red. We recommend following the instructions in the alert window to renew your license.

Nod32 ea page status 03 Protection status


Protection status