Remote Administration

ESET Remote Administrator is a program that serves to manage ESET’s products in larger networks. Using remote administration, you can control the program as if you were working directly on your computer. You can install, configure, view logs, schedule update tasks, scan tasks, etc. Communication between ESET Remote Administrator (ERAS) and ESET security products requires a correct configuration on both end points.

Nod32 ea config ra Remote Administration

Connect to Remote Administrator server

Select the checkbox to connect the ESET security product to ERAS.

Interval between connections to server (min.)

This tells how often ESET security product will connect to ERAS to send out the data.

Primary server, Secondary server
Usually, only Primary server needs to be configured. If you are running multiple ERA servers on the network, you can opt to add another, Secondary ERA server connection. It will serve as the fallback solution. So if the Primary server becomes inaccessible, the ESET security solution will automatically contact the Secondary ERA server. Concurrently, it will attempt to reestablish the connection to the Primary server. After this connection is active again, ESET security solution will switch back to the Primary server. Configuring two remote administration server profiles is best used for mobile clients with notebooks connecting both from the local network and from outside the network.

Server address

Specify either the DNS name or the IP address of the server running ERAS.


This field contains a predefined value. The default port used for connecting to ERAS should remain intact if possible.

Remote Administrator server requires authentication

Enables you to enter a password for connecting to RAS, if required.


Never connect to server with unsercured communication

Tick this option to disable connecting to ERA servers where unathenticated access is enabled (see ERA console > Server Options > Security > Enable unauthenticated access for Clients).

Remote Administration