Log files

The logs section is used to define how the logs will be managed. The program automatically deletes older logs in order to save hard disk space.

Nod32 ea config logs Log files

Delete records automatically

The log entries older than the specified number of days will be automatically deleted

Optimize log files automatically

If checked, the log files will be automatically defragmented if the percentage is higher than the specified value

Optimize now

Click to start the optimization

Minimum logging verbosity

Specifies the minimum verbosity level of events to be logged

  • Critical errors – displays critical system errors (such as Antivirus protection failed to start, Personal firewall is not working, etc…)

  • Errors – errors of type “Error downloading file” and critical errors will be recorded

  • Warnings – records critical errors, errors and warning messages

  • Informative records – logs all informative messages including successful updates and all records above

  • Diagnostic records – logs all information needed for fine-tuning of the program and all records above

Default filter

click this button to open the Log filtering window. Check record types to be displayed in logs and click OK.


Log files