Nod32 ea charon statistic Statistics

The Statistics tab displays options for sending statistical information.
The ThreatSense.Net Early Warning System collects anonymous information about your computer related to newly detected threats, which may include the name of the infiltration, information about the date and time it was detected, the version of ESET NOD32 Antivirus, and information about your computer’s operating system version and the Location setting. The statistics are normally delivered to ESET’s server once or twice a day.
An example of a statistical package submitted:

# version=3
# utc_time=2010-06-07 13:07:25.073
# local_time=2010-06-07 15:07:25 (+0100, Central Europe Daylight Time)
# utc_time_from=2010-06-07 11:43:10
# utc_time_to=2010-06-07 13:07:25
# country=”Slovakia”
# language=”1033″
# osver=5.1.2600 NT Service Pack 3
# engine=7255
# components=4.2.35
# ui=b41e427b94e7a95
# cpu_count=4,1,4
# cpu_feat=174c
# mem=cf8
# hdd=2
2010-06-07 11: moduleid=1010101 virus=”~OK” count=22
2010-06-07 11: moduleid=1020100 virus=”~OK” count=1
2010-06-07 11: moduleid=1030200 virus=”~OK” count=6
2010-06-07 12: moduleid=1010101 virus=”~OK” count=127
2010-06-07 12: moduleid=1020100 virus=”~OK” count=4
2010-06-07 12: moduleid=1030200 virus=”~OK” count=200
2010-06-07 13: moduleid=1010101 virus=”~OK” count=41
2010-06-07 13: moduleid=1020100 virus=”~OK” count=1
2010-06-07 13: moduleid=1030200 virus=”~OK” count=8
sh194A44B6FE8C6EE883EFEF8728AB0ACB5A1796385 fh=451088b25f8a9396 wp=be486104e5910ca4 fw=1 ft=0 ct=0 mi=1010101 dl=0 wt=0 im=0 fn=5ee361f4546023c7 fe=6c6c64 is=55000 ts=4889dae0 fc=8c fl=8
sh1BBB5B4509655E68B59B3AF1F042CFA20C0E16A18 fh=53691d250a0ada32 wp=f0ece3d1e33e7af9 fw=1 ft=0 ct=0 mi=1010101 dl=0 wt=0 im=0 fn=d3d276b01fec12e8 fe=657865 is=1c000 ts=4bfeb85e fc=81 fl=0
sh15AB74D069F7980F6E2984D1840634CFB157FA6DA fh=8ada58f55d0c5c38 wp=11a5cdb53710ba8b fw=1 ft=0 ct=0 mi=1010101 dl=0 wt=0 im=0 fn=a838023e66eec004 fe=657865 is=9a000 ts=4bcf27f3 fc=80 fl=0 md=B25767991FE6161EE5921055E3365B88
sh10EC536AE82BF40B805BE6252BC5BDB1CA50F1A0D fh=22cf92a4b71532f6 wp=90ea3a97335efbdd fw=1 ft=0 ct=0 mi=1010101 dl=0 wt=2 im=0 fn=573a35ae4b67610a fe=657865 is=73000 ts=45716759 fc=84 fl=10
sh165F3B411E5F9997AE30DF984FABB62BAF5C12E15 fh=b7adf5579e04d602 wp=4bd248f011469e63 fw=1 ft=0 ct=0 mi=1010101 dl=0 wt=0 im=0 fn=636ce049e9995e61 fe=657865 is=d000 ts=4b82a3f7 fc=84 fl=10

Enable submission of anonymous statistical information

activates submission of statistical information.

You can decide when the packages with statistical information will be submitted to ESET (in the When to submit section). The available options are:

As soon as possible – when selected, statistical information will be submitted as soon as possible after a statistical package has been created (recommended if permanent Internet connection is available).
During update – when selected, statistical packages will be collected and uploaded during an update (recommended for dial-up users).