Suspicious files

Nod32 ea charon sample Suspicious files

This section allows you to adjust options for the submission of suspicious files.

Suspicious files

Here you can specify whether and what suspicious files are to be submitted to ESET’s labs for analysis.

Never submit

files will never be sent out for analysis.
However, if ESET NOD32 Antivirus is set to display an alert window when a threat is detected, by selecting the appropriate option you will be able to submit the file anyway.

Ask before submitting

suspicious files will be collected and the program will prompt you before the files are submitted.

Submit without asking

any suspicious files will be sent out automatically without prompting you first.

When to submit

You can decide when the packages with statistical information will be submitted to ESET. The available options are:

As soon as possible

When selected, statistical information will be submitted as soon as possible after a statistical package has been created (recommended if permanent Internet connection is available).

During update

When selected, statistical packages will be collected and uploaded during an update (recommended for dial-up users).

Exclusion filter

The files listed will never be sent to ESET’s labs for analysis, even if they contain a suspicious code.
It is useful to exclude files which may carry potentially confidential information, such as documents or spreadsheets. The most common file types are excluded by default.

Add – opens a dialog window for adding a file to the exclusion list.
Edit… – opens an edit dialog.
Remove – removes selected extensions from the list

Contact email (optional)

The contact email is sent along with suspicious files to ESET and may be used to contact you if further information is required for analysis. You will not get a response from ESET unless more information is required.

Suspicious files