Advanced setup

Nod32 ea config update mirror advance Advanced setup

The dialog window Advanced setup contains complementary options for distributing update files via the HTTP protocol and for specifying the LAN access mode. The following options are available:

HTTP Server:
Provides copies of update files for client computers via the HTTP protocol. For the server to work properly, the mirror folder should be located on the same server where ERA server is running. On client computers, in the section Setup -> Update -> Update server, insert a new server in the form http://server_name:2221 (provided the port 2221 is set). For authentication to the mirror folder, use username and password of an account created on the windows server from where you download updates.

Server port – here you can specify the HTTP port number for the mirror server providing program updates for workstations.
Authentication By default, no authentication to the HTTP server is required (the value NONE). Select BASIC to use base64 encoding with basic user name and password authentication. The NTLM value utilizes the capabilities of the Microsoft authentication protocol NTLM. Authentication user names and passwords correspond to existing users on the system with the mirror feature activated.

Connect to the update server as

Select the (user) identity to be applied by the module creating the update files within the LAN. System account is the default value. If there is a need to change it, the current user can be used, or a specified user can be created and selected.
We recommend that you leave the default setting unchanged, since it prevents problems when changing the identity of a currently logged-in user. Modify this value only under special circumstances.

Disconnect from server after update – select this option to provide termination of the update connection, so that it will not remain active. If not enabled, connections are terminated by the operating system.


Advanced setup