The options in this window enable you to define the program’s behavior during updates, or immediately after that. For updates to be downloaded properly, it is essential to correctly fill in all parameters. If you use a firewall, please make sure that the program is allowed to communicate with the Internet (i.e. http communication).

Nod32 ea config update source Update setup

Selected profile

The currently used update profile. Click Profiles… to create a new profile.

Update server

The Update server is a location where updates are stored. If you use an ESET server, please leave the default option “Choose automatically” selected. When using a local HTTP server – also known as the Mirror – the update server should be set as follows: http://computer_name_or_its_IP_address:2221.

Username, Password

These are your authentication data.

Access to ESET update servers (i.e. the option “Choose automatically” in the Update Server field is selected) is subject to verification of a valid username and password.
When using a local Mirror server, the verification depends on its configuration. By default, no verification is required, i.e. the Username and Password fields are left empty.

Select the Advanced setup button to display a window containing advanced update options.

In the case of problems with update, click the Clear… button to flush the folder with temporary update files.

Do not display notification about successful update
Turns off the system tray notification at the bottom right corner of the screen. It is useful to select this option if a full screen application or a game is running.

Update setup