How to schedule a scan task (every 24 hours)

To schedule a regular task, go to ESET NOD32 Antivirus > Tools > Scheduler (applicable in the Advanced mode). Below, you can find a short guide on how to schedule a task – this task will create a scan of local disks every 24 hours.

To schedule a scan task:

  • click Add in the main Scheduler screen

  • select computer scan from the drop-down menu

  • choose a name for the task and select Repeatedly

  • choose to run the task every 24 hours

  • select an action to perform if the scheduled task execution fails for some reason

  • review the summary of the scheduled task and click Finish

  • From the Targets drop-down menu, select Local drives

  • click Finish to apply the task

How to schedule a scan task (every 24 hours)