Log maintenance

The ESET Smart Security Logging configuration is accessible from Setup > Enter entire advanced setup tree… > Tools > Log files. You can select the following options for log files:

  • Delete records automatically - Log entries older than the specified number of days are deleted automatically
  • Optimize log files automatically - Log files are defragmented automatically if the specified percentage of unused records is exceeded
  • Minimum logging verbosity - Specifies the logging verbosity level

    Available options:

Diagnostic records – The most detailed level including information needed for fine-tuning the program and all records described below

Informative records- Informative messages including successful updates, alerts, and errors

Alerts – Warning messages and errors

Errors – Errors such as “Error downloading file” and critical errors

Critical errors –The least detailed logging level containing critical system errors (such as Antivirus protection failed to start, Personal firewall is not working, etc.)

Log maintenance