Restoring from Quarantine


After restoring from Quarantine, all files should be checked for the presence of malicious code.

Quarantined files can be restored to their original location from which they had been deleted. Use the Restore feature for this purpose; it is available from the context-menu by right-clicking on the given file in the quarantine window. The context menu also offers the option Restore to, which allows the user to restore files to a location other than the original one from which they were deleted. The Restore and exclude from scanning context-menu option serves for excluding the reported threat from being detected on the file. The file itself will be restored to its original location. It is important to realize that the file will only be no longer detected as that specific threat, but it will not be excluded from detection as such. Therefore if that file becomes infected later with other malware, it will be detected by the antivirus module. This type of exclusion can be used only for certain types of infiltrations.


If the program quarantined a harmless file by mistake, please exclude the file from scanning after restoring and send the file to ESET technical support.











Restoring from Quarantine