Creating new tasks

To create a new task in Scheduler, click on the Add button or select Add from the context menu. Five types of scheduled tasks are available:

  • Run external application
  • Log maintenance
  • System startup file check
  • On-demand computer scan
  • Update

Nod32 ea scheduler task Creating new tasks

Since On-demand computer scan and Update are the most frequently used scheduled tasks, we will explain how to add a new update task.

From the Scheduled task drop-down menu displaying all available types of scheduled tasks, select Update. Proceed by clicking on Next and entering the name of the task into Task name. Select the frequency of the task. For this parameter, the following options are available: Once, Repeatedly, Daily, Weekly, and Event-triggered. Other parameters are also determined by the selected frequency. Next, you can define what action to take if the task cannot be performed or completed at the scheduled time. The following three options are available:

  • Wait until the next scheduled time
  • Run task as soon as possible
  • Run task immediately if the time since its last execution exceeds the specified interval (the interval can be defined after checking this option).

In the next step, a complete summary of information about the current scheduled task is displayed; the option Run task with specific parameters should be automatically enabled. Click on the Finish button. A dialog window will appear, allowing the user to choose profiles to be used for the scheduled task. Here the user can specify a primary and alternative profile, which is used in case the task cannot be completed using the primary profile. Confirm by clicking OK in the Update profiles window. The new scheduled task will be added to the list of currently scheduled tasks.

Creating new tasks