Suspicious files

The Suspicious files tab allows the user to configure the manner in which threats are submitted to ESET’s lab for anlaysis.

If you have a suspiciously behaving file, you can submit it for analysis to our virus labs. If it turns out to be a malicious application, its detection will be added to the next virus signature update.

Submission of files can be set to be performed automatically without asking. If this option is selected, suspicious files are sent in the background. If you wish to know which files have been sent for analysis and confirm the submission, select the option: Ask before submitting.

If you don’t want any files to be submitted, select: Never submit. Note that not submitting files for analysis does not affect submission of statistical information to ESET. Statistical information is configured in its own setup section, described in the next chapter.

When to submit
Suspicious files will be sent to ESET’s labs for analysis as soon as possible. This is recommended if a permanent Internet connection is available and suspicious files can be delivered without delay. The other option is to submit suspicious files during update. If this option is selected, suspicious files will be collected and uploaded to the Early Warning System servers during an update.

Exclusion filter
Not all files have to be submitted for analysis. Exclusion filter allows you to exclude certain files/folders from submission. It is useful to exclude files which may carry potentially confidential information, such as documents or spreadsheets. The most common file types are excluded by default (Microsoft Office, OpenOffice). The list can be updated if required.

Contact email
The contact email is sent along with suspicious files to ESET and may be used to contact you if further information about submitted files is required for analysis. Please note that you will not receive a response from ESET unless more information is required.


Suspicious files