Creating update copies – mirror

ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition allows the user to create copies of update files which can be used to update other workstations located in the network. Updating client workstations from a mirror optimizes network load balance and saves Internet connection bandwidth.

Configuration options of the local server mirror are accessible in the Advanced update setup section (to access this section, go to the advanced setup tree in ESET NOD32 Antivirus Business Edition, select the option Update > click on the Setup… button next to Advanced update setup and select the Mirror tab).

Nod32 ea config update mirror Creating update copies   mirror

The first step in configuring the mirror is enabling this option in setup, which is done by selecting the Create update mirror check box. Checking this option activates other mirror configuration options such as the way update files will be accessed and the update path to the mirrored files.

The methods of mirror activation are described in detail in the next chapter Variants of accessing the mirror. For now, note that there are two basic variants of accessing the mirror – the folder with update files can be presented as a mirror as a shared network folder, or a mirror as an HTTP server.

The folder dedicated to storing update files for the mirror is defined in the section Folder to store mirrored files. Click Folder… to browse for a desired folder on the local computer or shared network folder. If authorization for the specified folder is required, authentication data must be supplied in the User name and Password fields. The User name and Password should be entered in the format Domain/User or Workgroup/User. Please remember to supply the corresponding passwords.

When specifying detail Mirror configuration, the user can also specify the language versions for which he wants to download update copies. Language version setup is accessible in the section Files > Available versions.

Creating update copies – mirror