Updating from the mirror

There are two basic variants for accessing the mirror – the folder with update files can be presented as the mirror as a shared network folder, or the mirror as an HTTP server.

Accessing the mirror using an internal HTTP server


If you want to allow access to the update files via the HTTP server, the mirror folder must be located on the same computer as the ESET NOD32 Antivirus instance creating it.

This variant is used automatically as a default setting specified in the predefined program configuration, so in order to allow access to the mirror using the HTTP server, navigate to Advance update setup (the Mirror tab) and select the option Create update mirror.

In the mirror Advanced setup, you can specify the Port where the HTTP server will listen as well as the type of Authentication used by the HTTP server. By default, the Server port is set to the value 2221. The Authentication option defines the method of authentication used for accessing the update files. The following options are available: NONE, Basic, NTLM. Select Basic to use the base64 encoding with basic user name and password authentication. The NTLM option provides encoding using a safe encoding method. For authentication, the user created on the workstation sharing the update files is used. The default setting is NONE, which grants access to the update files with no need for authentication.

Nod32 ea config update mirror advance Updating from the mirror

After configuration of the mirror is finished, go to the workstations and add a new update server in the format http://IP_address_of_your_server:2221. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • open ESET NOD32 Antivirus Advanced Setup and click the Update branch.
  • click Edit… next to Update server and add a new server using the following format: http://IP_address_of_your_server:2221
  • select this newly-added server from the list of update servers

Accessing the mirror via system shares

First, a shared folder should be created on a local or a network device. When creating the folder for the mirror, it is necessary to provide the “write” access for the user who will save files to the folder and “read” access for all users who will update ESET NOD32 Antivirus from the mirror folder.

Next, proceed with the configuration of access to the mirror in the Advanced update setup section (the Mirror tab) by disabling the option Provide update files via internal HTTP server. This option is enabled by default in the program install package.


For proper functioning, the path to the mirror folder must be specified as a UNC path. Updates from the mapped drives may not work.

If the shared folder is located on another computer in the network, it is necessary to specify authentication for accessing the other computer. In order to specify authentication data, navigate to ESET NOD32 Antivirus Advanced setup > Connect to LAN as. This setting is the same as for updating, as described in the chapter Connecting to LAN.

After the mirror configuration is complete, proceed to the workstations and set \\UNC\PATH as the update server. This operation can be done as follows:

  • open ESET NOD32 Antivirus Advanced Setup (F5) and click Update
  • click Edit… next to the Update server and add a new server following the example \\UNC\PATH
  • select this newly-added server from the list of update servers


Updating from the mirror