Update mode

The Update mode tab contains options related to the program component update.

In the section Program component update, three options are available:    

  • Never update program components
  • Always update program components
  • Ask before downloading program components 

Selecting the option Never update program components ensures that after a new program component update has been issued by ESET, it will not be downloaded and no program component update will actually take place on the given workstation. The Always update program components option means that program component updates will be performed each time a new update is available on ESET’s update servers, and that program components will be upgraded to the downloaded version. Select the third option, Ask before downloading program components to ensure that the program will ask the user to confirm downloading of program component updates at the moment such updates are available. In this case, a dialog window containing information about the available program component updates will be displayed, with the option to confirm or refuse it. If confirmed, updates are downloaded and new program components will be installed after.
The default option for a program components update is Ask before downloading program components.

Nod32 ea config update mode Update mode

After installation of a program component update, it is necessary to restart the system in order to provide full functionality of all modules. The section Restart after program component upgrade allows the user to select one of the following three options:

  • Never restart computer
  • Offer computer restart if necessary
  • If necessary, restart computer without notifying

The default option for restarting is Offer computer restart if necessary. Selection of the most appropriate options for program component updates within the Update mode tab depends on each individual workstation, since that is where these settings are to be applied. Please be aware that there are differences between workstations and servers – e.g. restarting the server automatically after a program upgrade could cause serious damage.

Update mode